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Servo pri Metiaj Projektoj de OEM / ODM

Panda Crafty Proponas Al Vi Bonegan OEM (Origina Fabrikado De Ekipaĵoj)

Kaj ODM (Originala Projektado-Fabrikado) Servoj

Helpi Atingi Viajn Metiajn Projektajn Ideojn



Panda Crafty Team will Archive the Creative.


You will never lost in Panda Crafty. 

See who works here, and just free to talk with them. 

Lany Lee


Live in Shanghai 

Talk to her, Anything

"Archive The Creative "

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Peggy He


Live in Shanghai

Talk to her


Since 23, April, 2023


Holly Lee

Online Office Manager

Live in Nanning City

Since 9, Oct, 2019

Sally Shao

Production Manager

Since 2019


More ...

More supporting for QC, Assistant, Design, Content, Finance, Producing

All Hands In

​Don't Work in Panda Crafty Now

we want to express our sincere appreciation to those who were once part of Panda Crafty. Your dedication, hard work, and contributions had a significant impact on our team and projects. Though our paths may have diverged, we are grateful for the time we shared and the connections we formed. We wish you continued success and fulfillment in your new ventures. Thank you for being an integral part of Panda Crafty's journey.

Vivian Pi


Live in Guangzhou City. 

So many Fairs and Exhibition here

"I have a son. We like paying DIY toys together . Toy means happiness and wisdom for us. Love my career."

Since 5nd, March, 2022

Don't work in Panda Crafty Since April, 2023


Fannie Chen


Live in the Chenghai City. 

It is a toy industry market there. 

Plastic Toys 

“Mother of two daughters, play and learn in toys and games with kids. Love books and Toys forever. Never stop.“

Since 1st, March, 2022

Don't work in Panda Crafty Since March, 2023

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